Choosing the right outsourcer and a successful long term partnership with your outsourcers depends on few following few thumb rules.

  1. Has the outsourcer any prior work experience

    A prior work experience in your nature of work will ensure that your outsourcer does not throw last minute surprises at you. Select experienced professionals, not necessarily a large company. Smaller companies tend to pay more attention to their clients and are more cautious in delivering the best service they can. Start with something smaller and expand as you go, that way you will reduce the risk.

  2. Work out your agreement carefully

    From the software, resources, to the process have a good understanding and agree on the details.

  3. Define KPIs of your deliverables

    Define what should be the quality of deliverables and timelines, its always good to lay down your expectations to your outsourcer in advance.

  4. Discuss and plan the volume of work

    Intimation of volume of work, helps both you and outsourcer, to plan resources, deliverables etc.

  5. Feedback is essential

    Do not hesitate to be vocal about your feedback, raise the flag if you have issues.


We hope this article would help Bookkeepers, Individual Accountants, Small Accountants and Accounting Firms in UK, with outsourcing process and availing outsourcing services.

We would love to hear your experience with outsourcing and working with outsourcers across countries. Drop us an email or speak to us for using outsourcers in India. Enjoy the outsourcing experience, you will see that it is worth the risk at the end of the day.


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How to choose right outsourcers?