If you have recently started bookkeeping, or are planning to become a freelancer, you might have lot of questions, like:

Well ideally, there is no correlation between revenue or employees on a small business level. It has everything to do with complexity and nature of the business.

Mostly you should look at a typical work load generated by a client during a period of time (usually a month). This information makes it easier for the bookkeeper for to estimate the amount of time required to handle that client’s business. Now, the bookkeeper can give that client an estimate based on a monthly rate. To find that rate, take your estimated time required (in hours) and multiply it by your hourly rate.

Charges of $35-75 / hour data input & $60-100/ hour for financial reporting and analysis.

Here is a helpful link regarding subcontract/self-employment check the linkĀ 

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How much should I charge for Bookkeeping Services?